Foundation for Strong DEX: Why Lakeside Is Named a Leader in Forrester Wave™ Report

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A closer look at what Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud platform offers in the expanding end-user experience management space

The future of hybrid work has dominated business strategy planning since the pandemic. Employees want flexibility, so organizations have adopted policies to return to the office, work remotely, and everything in between. Simultaneously, IT has reacted with agility to support employees across every work style. While no easy feat, IT is also often tasked to cut costs and drive efficiency throughout supply chain shortages and the need for infrastructure updates.

Traditional device management leaves IT gapped. Without a comprehensive view of the technology across the enterprise, IT is ill-equipped to manage employee experiences, optimize technology investments, or keep employees connected and productive.

According to Lakeside Software’s Digital Workplace Productivity Report 2022:

  • Employees report they are working at just 60% of their total productivity capacity
  • Employees on average are losing 54 minutes of work time to IT issues every week
  • Almost 1 in 3 IT execs lack the visibility needed to optimize employee experience

To resolve these challenges, organizations are turning to end-user experience management (EUEM). The right EUEM solution can equip IT with a deep understanding of user needs and digital experiences by surfacing insights from the endpoint. From this vantage point, IT can measure end-user experience and identify top productivity impacts and ways to resolve them.

When selecting an EUEM vendor, The Forrester Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022 report can help buyers make an informed decision about which solution best fits their needs with an evaluation of the market and scoring of each of the most significant vendors across 30 criteria.

In this report, Forrester recognized Lakeside Software as a Leader. Additionally, Lakeside had among the two highest scores in the current offering category.

Here’s a closer look at what Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud platform, powered by SysTrack, offers in the expanding end-user experience management space.

Transforming Deep Data Collection into Business Insights

The evolution of IT leadership roles becoming business strategists demands disruptive thinking that balances technology decisions, performance management, and risk reduction. Compounded by increasingly distributed workforces and a rapidly changing technological landscape, IT is challenged to be more digital- and employee-focused than ever before.

A key capability for EUEM tools listed in this report is deep, insightful data collection. “Every vendor in this evaluation collects a lot of data, but the Leaders effectively translate it into actionable insights,” Forrester states in its report.

As a Leader in the 2022 report, Lakeside helps IT leaders align finite team and technology resources with macro views of estate health through the lens of employee productivity and experience. Lakeside earned the highest score for telemetry monitoring, demonstrating the deep and holistic visibility provided by our industry-leading data collection. Lakeside helps IT leaders align and communicate the business value of deployed technology health and key project progress.

Reducing Employee Downtime with the End User’s Perspective

The best way to prevent employee productivity dipping from performance problems or downtime is to solve issues before they’re noticed. Even better is the ability to automate remediations for both individual users and at scale across the organization.

With scripting, self-service, automation, artificial intelligence, and low-code orchestration, Forrester notes that EUEM customers “are increasingly seeking remediation to not only see issues but fix them as well.” Lakeside was rated highly in the report’s remediation criterion and cited for our “comprehensive incident-alerting function alongside likely root causes and suggested remediations.”

Lakeside helps prevent productivity-disrupting issues by identifying and correcting both known and unknown issues.

Gaining a Comprehensive View of the IT Estate

Data collection, analysis, and reporting are the foundation of effective EUEM and come in two forms: telemetry and qualitative feedback. By combining objective telemetry with subjective employee feedback, organizations can understand the full scope of end-user experience and take action on areas with the greatest business impact.

“Top vendors provide differentiated features that help IT professionals score DEX, benchmark it against internal and external metrics, and justify the business value of DEX improvements,” Forrester notes in its report.

Lakeside uniquely collects thousands of metrics at the endpoint every 15 seconds, with or without an internet connection, with the broadest physical and virtual endpoint support.

To get the most out of EUEM, it’s important to fine-tune all the systems employees use for productivity, which could include physical and virtual desktops as well as various device types and operating systems. Doing so helps capture the full picture of the end-user experience and identify the true root cause of problems.

For example, a user may complain of slowness within their VDI session while it’s the physical desktop that’s causing the issue. With Lakeside, IT can capture an extensive breadth and depth of data from physical and virtual desktops, laptops, thin clients, and mobile devices as well as all major operating systems.

Discover More of What Makes Lakeside a Leader

Want a detailed look at where Lakeside ranks among the 30 criteria in The Forrester Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022 report? Download this complimentary copy.


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