Lakeside Software Introduces Ask SysTrack, a Workspace Analytics Insight Engine powered by IBM Watson

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― August 29, 2016 ― Lakeside Software, provider of the leading workspace analytics solution, today announced general availability of Ask SysTrack, the first workspace analytics insight engine. The Ask SysTrack workspace analytics insight engine applies relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data to allow for information to be delivered interactively and in the context of the user at timely business moments.

“A critical component to defending and justifying IT business value is the ability to estimate, compare, contrast and determine the drivers for IT benchmarks — in other words, answer questions about IT,” said Mike Schumacher, CEO, Lakeside Software, Inc. “As we enter our 20th year of business, our mission remains simple: enabling IT to support end users effectively. Ask SysTrack is the latest example of our commitment to continuous innovation in the pursuit of making IT more responsive, agile, and productive.”

Ask SysTrack is designed to quickly and correctly answer the hardest questions in IT. The insight engine leverages IBM Watson cognitive services to help organizations quickly and intuitively access workspace analytics answers and insights essential for delivering superior end user productivity. Ask SysTrack understands users’ natural language questions and provides instant contextually relevant answers. Customers who aren’t sure what information they can access and how to access it will find the Ask SysTrack natural language interface particularly useful.

  • Simply Ask: Just as consumer search applications offer discovery of information without conscious query on behalf of the user, Ask SysTrack creates value for IT business users through a familiar means of proactive search, without having to learn a new interface.
  • Bridge The Gap Between Business and IT: Ask SysTrack brings SysTrack’s rich workplace data and telemetry into easily accessed meaningful analytics and insights. With SysTrack, Lakeside Software bridges the gap between IT and the business. SysTrack is the fundamental analytical platform for IT.

Upon entering a natural language question such as “which applications are crashing on the most systems?”, SysTrack will provide related topics that can instantly take users to the relevant data within the SysTrack workspace analytics platform: in this case, not merely a list of application faults that impact the most systems, but also the reasons for the respective faults, as well as insights on their impact on user experience. Ask SysTrack can also answer application-specific natural language questions such as “how much disk space does Outlook use?” and automatically link users to related datasets and dashboards within SysTrack.

Other questions typically asked of SysTrack might include:

  • What is our company’s user experience trend?
  • What applications are being used most often?
  • What software packages use the least RAM memory?
  • What software packages could benefit from graphics acceleration?
  • Which users are consuming the most bandwidth?

“By combining IBM Watson cognitive services with SysTrack workspace analytics, the Ask SysTrack insight engine puts IT insights at the fingertips of business users exactly when they need them. The more IT data that organizations collect, the harder it is to find the data they need. Just as consumer search engines enable easy discovery of information, so IT departments and workspace service providers must also create value for business users through a similar means of natural language and contextual search,” said Piero Chiodo, Vice President, Client Care Services, GTS Mobility Services, IBM.

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About IBM Watson

In January 2014, the Watson Group announced that to advance new cognitive computing capabilities, IBM was investing $100 million to spur innovation for entrepreneurial organizations — ranging from start-ups and VC-backed companies to established players — who, like Lakeside Software, are collectively bringing forward a new generation of apps and solutions infused with Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities.

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About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software provides IT organizations worldwide with tools for desktop transformation, asset optimization, security, incident resolution, and continuous assessment. SysTrack end user analytics enable IT to continuously understand the state and optimize the performance of EUC environments, both physical and virtual. SysTrack empowers IT to maximize visibility, minimize costs, automate support, and make evidence-based decisions.

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