Lakeside Software Unveils SysTrack 8.2 with New Cognitive Computing, Visualization and Cloud Expansions

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― September 19, 2016 ― Lakeside Software, provider of the leading workspace analytics solution, today announced the introduction and general availability of SysTrack 8.2. SysTrack 8.2 introduces powerful new cognitive computing and visualization capabilities while further extending SysTrack’s cloud availability.

Release 8.2 breaks new ground with features both revolutionary and evolutionary in Workspace Analytics:

  • Ask SysTrack: a Workspace Analytics Insight Engine: Utilizing new integration with IBM Watson cognitive services, users can query the deep SysTrack database by just asking what they would like to know.
  • Personas: A new SysTrack Visualizer Persona module uses real-time data assigning users into pre-defined Workstyles and User Segments to better understand user work patterns and system requirements.
  • Cloud: The full capabilities of the SysTrack 8 suite can now be realized in cloud services such as Azure and AWS interchangeably with the on-premises version.
  • ServiceNow Connector: ServiceNow now calls a new SysTrack API to capture detailed system metrics at the time an incident is logged and makes it available for service desk investigation.
  • Risk Visualization: A new SysTrack Visualizer module identifies areas of potential security risk including details of application configurations and inventory, hardware and system configurations, and installed software packages.
  • Virtual Infrastructure Visualization: A new SysTrack Visualizer Virtual Infrastructure module provides insight into how virtual hosts are performing by displaying the key data points to analyze host usage and understand which hosts are over or under-utilized within an organization.
  • Permission-based Visualization: SysTrack Visualizer incorporates new security enhancements that display modules and datasets based on the user’s access permissions.
  • Other enhancements include improved speed and data accessibility and more streamlined, intuitive user interfaces.

The Ask SysTrack workspace analytics insight engine leverages IBM Watson Cognitive Services to enable a natural language interface for the SysTrack Workspace Analytics platform. Ask SysTrack applies relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data to allow for information to be delivered interactively and in the context of the user at timely business moments. Ask SysTrack recently won the Best of VMworld 2016 Judges’ Choice Award for Disruptive Technology at the VMworld 2016 conference. Learn more at

Supporting Quotes

Michael Schumacher, chief executive officer, Lakeside Software: “In its essence, SysTrack provides IT with the data they need to better visualize their end user environment and deliver operational excellence. SysTrack 8.2 dramatically expands SysTrack capabilities to make it easier than ever for IT to understand their user communities and drive operational improvement.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software provides IT organizations worldwide with tools for desktop transformation, asset optimization, security, incident resolution, and continuous assessment. SysTrack workspace analytics enable IT to continuously understand the state and optimize the performance of EUC environments, both physical and virtual. SysTrack empowers IT to maximize visibility, minimize costs, automate support, and make evidence-based decisions.

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