Lakeside’s New Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Library Builds on Industry-Leading Foundation of IT Data to Help Enterprises Address Critical Challenges

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Lakeside Software’s DEX packs drive enterprise IT agility, green IT, and employee well-being by solving complex IT service delivery and digital workplace challenges

BOSTON, April 6, 2022 — Lakeside Software, the leader in digital experience management (DEM), announced today the launch of its Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Library, a new and efficient channel to deliver rapid value for customers. The library includes a series of DEX packs, which are free to current customers and designed to extend the capability of Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud to solve emerging IT challenges. 

With the DEX Library, Lakeside is addressing the most critical issues that businesses face today. Each pack delivers a solution for a high-priority goal, such as reducing an organization’s carbon footprint, increasing employee well-being, or enhancing the digital experience of a remote or hybrid workforce. The DEX packs automatically identify, extract, and contextualize digital experience data into intuitive insights via a simplified dashboard view. As challenges evolve, Lakeside will continue to respond to market and customer needs with new DEX packs.   

“While businesses often have access to extensive IT and user data, it is typically spread across multiple systems and dashboards, limiting its use in understanding and resolving systemic business issues,” said Michael Grossi, CEO of Lakeside Software. “To be more agile and responsive to business requirements, IT departments need a more complete picture of their overall IT estate and its impact on user productivity. In response, Lakeside has released a DEX Library with easily deployable DEX packs that simplify the collection, organization, and presentation of relevant data and insights.” 

The DEX Library sits on top of Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud, an industry-leading digital employee experience solution that captures more than 10,000 data points per endpoint every 15 seconds, providing near real-time visibility into the state of an organization’s IT estate. Users benefit from a new level of customization that refines this data into single, actionable views for specific IT, business, or user-related challenges. Business and technology decisions can be made confidently based on the most complete information available. 

Initially, Lakeside’s DEX Library will include the following DEX packs:  

  • Green IT: Enables organizations to identify, benchmark, and reduce excess energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and their own environmental footprint by tracking the physical performance data of personal computers and data centers.  
  • Microsoft Teams: Optimizes Teams versions and performance by monitoring call quality metrics by persona, device, and version. This means faster troubleshooting of issues and an easier path to identifying resource-intensive versions. 
  • Proactive IT:  Proactively aggregates key desktop device health and performance metrics to discover issues that most impact end-user experience. 
  • Windows 11 Migration: Identifies which systems are suitable for Windows 11 in their current state and which applications are compatible with a migration. During a migration, IT teams can monitor user experience, as well as track and surface performance issues. 
  • SQL Server Administration: Allows IT teams to perform an inventory and health check on each of the SQL servers in an estate, and aggregate the data at a server, instance, and database level.  
  • Google Workspace: Optimizes productivity and experience across Google Workspaces applications by monitoring load time and usage and identifying when performance dips below defined benchmarks.
  • Synthetics: Enables IT teams to detect employee-facing application issues before they are reported by proactively monitoring employee experience and gaining visibility of system health related to a transaction.  

Lakeside will continue to grow the DEX Library, with more than 50 packs scoped by customer and market needs through 2022. Lakeside customers can access the DEX Library through, their Digital Experience Cloud instance, or by downloading the solution from the Customer Gateway.  

“Our DEX Library is a repository of solutions that fulfil specific business objectives through our unmatched endpoint data collection,” said Ryan Purvis, Head of Solutions at Lakeside Software. “Each DEX pack includes focused dashboards, sensors, and automation that provide a contextual view of enterprise-wide data and prescriptive workflows that enable organizations to make better decisions. These workflows simplify and accelerate information gathering so that executives can determine whether they should prioritize, fix, or optimize.” 


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