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What a commissioned, independent study reveals about the potential cost savings and business benefits of Lakeside’s EUEM solution

Most IT leaders already know the general value of having quality digital employee experiences that create more productive digital workplaces.

But exactly how much is it worth? About $14.7 million in potential enterprise benefits versus $4.1 million in costs, according to a three-year estimate in a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Lakeside Software. The 2022 study found that a composite organization based on interviewed customers also received payback in about six months and achieved a 259% return on investment (ROI) over three years.

The 22-page study — titled The Total Economic Impact™ of Lakeside Digital Experience Cloud, Powered by SysTrack — breaks down the potential benefits of using Lakeside’s end-user experience management (EUEM) platform, calculates savings and costs right down to the cent, and provides real insight from Lakeside customers interviewed by Forrester.

So as organizations face constant pressure to tighten budgets, with little room for error on essential IT investments, IT leaders can make more confident decisions about improving digital employee experience.

But before you download and read the full study, here’s a quick look at what’s inside.


The Total Economic Impact™ of Lakeside Digital Experience Cloud, Powered by SysTrack


What Is a Total Economic Impact™ Study?

The independent research-based study developed by Forrester Consulting uses a framework and methodology to help companies demonstrate and communicate the real value of IT products, services, and initiatives.

For this study — commissioned by Lakeside to explore the benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks of its Digital Experience Cloud platform — Forrester interviewed four representatives that use the platform at their organizations. A composite organization and financial model were then created based on these interviews, providing a detailed glimpse of the impact Lakeside’s solution can have on the organization’s bottom line.

A Closer Look at Lakeside’s Impact on Organizations

Here are a few quick takeaways from the study, which is now available to download.

  • Customers face several key challenges when it comes to maintaining a quality digital employee experience. Among them is a lack of visibility across the digital environment, subpar IT support ratings from end users, difficulty resolving issues, and trouble controlling software and hardware costs.
  • To solve these problems, customers sought out a solution with specific, data-driven capabilities. Those include the ability to view data from the end-user perspective and better understand device health; shorten mean time to resolution (MTTR) and decrease ticket volume with automation; reduce software licensing costs and unnecessary hardware refreshes; improve digital experiences and IT support satisfaction.

“Our MTTR has improved around 15% to 20%. That (translates to having fewer) help desk employees as well, because now (we) can process more tickets in less time.”

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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Lakeside Digital Experience Cloud, Powered by SysTrack

  • While there’s an upfront cost to purchasing Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud, there are millions in potential benefits, too. Based on a composite organization developed using a Total Economic Impact™ framework, the study shows there is a potential $14.7 million in benefits to be gained over three years versus a $4.1 million in costs. That adds up to a 259% return on investment.
  • There’s also a quick payback with Lakeside’s platform. Risk-adjusted values show enterprises could see their initial investment returned in about six months.
  • Not to mention there are other unquantified benefits. Enhanced security, more robust root cause analysis, and improved end-user satisfaction are just some of the other possible benefits of using Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud, though it depends greatly from organization to organization.


Digital Experience Cloud, Powered by SysTrack
Proactively measure, manage, and optimize the complete digital experience with Lakeside’s EUEM platform


Calculating Your Own Organization’s ROI

Curious how much your own organization could save with its Digital Experience Cloud platform?

No need to bury yourself in a spreadsheet. Lakeside has launched a new-and-improved ROI calculator* to help you estimate how much your organization could save annually with service desk augmentation, asset optimization, and end-user experience management. Users can also request a full savings assessment with even more details about:

  • Delivering quality digital employee experiences
  • Lowering downtime with IT efficiency and proactive support
  • Expanding IT visibility across a variety of endpoints
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Streamlining digital transformation projects

*ROI calculator created by Lakeside Software independent of Forrester and the Total Economic Impact™ study

Access Your Savings Assessment

Explore what your organization could save using Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud platform with our enhanced ROI calculator.

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