Drive Smarter Strategy with IT Analytics in Lakeside’s 10.2 Release

IT Analytics from Lakeside Software

Address critical challenges across the IT organization with Executive Insights and other Digital Experience Cloud enhancements

From the top-down, smart business decisions start with the right information. The latest release from Lakeside Software surfaces both insights and context IT leaders and their teams need to approach problems holistically. As IT teams continue to hold more responsibility in owning strategy planning, keeping business operations efficient, and ensuring positive employee experiences, Lakeside will deliver the tools and IT analytics needed.   

Here’s a closer look at what’s new in Digital Experience Cloud 10.2.  

Executive Insights   

The role of IT leadership has drastically changed in recent years. A job traditionally reserved for owning technical decision-making has evolved into an employee-centric role with a focus on big-picture strategy. Because of this, understanding and reporting technology performance is not enough — CIOs need to be able to follow up on what that data means in business terms.   

IT Analytics with Executive Insights
Lakeside’s new Executive Insights feature informs strategic decision-making by providing at-a-glance health scoring, community benchmarks, persona management, and productivity tracking.

The new Executive Insights feature for Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud provides a macro view of the IT estate through the lens of employee productivity and experience, helping CIOs drive informed business strategy. Combining historical and real-time information of an organization’s tech stack in quick, understandable reports, these insights reveal much-needed context through health scoring, community benchmarks, persona management, and productivity tracking.   


Introducing Executive Insights


Web Application Analysis  

Hybrid work is here to stay. This means thousands of employees must be able to access necessary web applications from the office, at home, in a coffee shop, or anywhere else they get work done.

But when SaaS-based applications error or lag, a ticket stuck in the internal service desk queue ends up costing businesses downtime and lost productivity.   

IT Analytics with Web Application Monitoring
Web Application Analysis gives IT greater visibility of performance and potential issues that could impact users.

Web Application Analysis, the newest data drill-down available in Lakeside’s L3 Root Cause Analysis tool, helps service desk technicians spot, troubleshoot, and correct problems proactively. By surfacing performance, error, and usage metrics of web apps, Lakeside captures the actionable IT analytics needed to manage the entire employee ecosystem.  

Other Key 10.2 Release Features

Action Builder  

Automations are critical in hybrid work environments to resolve problems remotely or gather information related to an issue. But you shouldn’t have to be a developer to push these customizations through a command-line tool. Action Builder’s user interface (UI) reduces the time required to create new actions leveraged for automated incident resolution or information collection.  

Theme standardization  

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud now features sleek UI updates and theme consistency to help users enhance their experience with every login.   

Quick Start Guide accessibility  

The Digital Experience Cloud Quick Start Guide is now accessible through the home page for easier reference when setting up your environment and agents.   

Sensor updates  

The addition of new sensors, as well as several improvements to existing sensors and descriptions, help streamline workflows and support. 

Experience the IT Analytics of 10.2

Discover how Lakeside can help IT make strategic decisions that drive businesses forward. Request a customized demo to learn more. 

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