These days, the new office is the kitchen.

And the living room.

And the dining room.

Pretty much any spot where employees can log into corporate VPNs, hop on video calls, and use web apps to do their work from home.

There's a potential problem, though. Even with all the best hardware and apps, there's still a factor that can disrupt digital experiences and even put a stop to remote work productivity in an instant: The home network.

Although many dispersed employees have been working from home for almost a year now, troubleshooting home Wi-Fi issues still isn't easy, according Lakeside's Senior Director of Product Management Ben Murphy.

In "Detect & Engage: How to Help Users Overcome Home Wi-Fi Issues," Lakeside Software's breakout session during this year's IGEL DISRUPT Unite virtual conference held on Feb. 25, Murphy walked through the challenge of addressing home internet problems when IT has little to no visibility outside corporate networks.

But the right set of solutions and strategies can help take a lot of the mystery out of connection troubles, as well as other remote work challenges.

Combining a secure, remote client-based solution — such as the IGEL OS — with powerful digital experience monitoring/management, for instance, can offer "a very clear-cut way to deal, or at least understand, some of the issues that (users may face) out in a remote environment," Murphy noted.

Here are a few more insights from the session, now available on-demand.