I’ve been called many names over the years, and not all of them particularly good. However, it occurred to me — as I was hanging my used tea bags up to dry — that what people were trying to say using one subset of the names, is that I am “frugal.”

GIF of the definition of "frugal."

Well, that explains the tea bags. It’s not necessarily my own money that I care about either, I just generally hate waste no matter where it happens.

The thing with Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud, powered by SysTrack, and its unquenchable thirst for data is that it will collect metrics on what could be millions of dollars of savings out of the box, depending on how large and wasteful a business is. In many cases, this data is just sitting there, untapped.

My challenge in my own line of work is that I’m often dealing with departments where software licensing is someone else’s problem. To those people, you should know you’re potentially missing out on an opportunity to shine and progress your career, and I’m going to show you how to capitalize on this. And to people that already have a software licensing tool, I’m going to tell you why you’re probably doing it all wrong anyway.