Lakeside Software Technology Supercharges New Lenovo™ Device Intelligence Plus Digital Experience Management Solution

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Lakeside adds cloud-native functionality and robust edge-based anonymous big data collection to the new Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus for more proactive and effective IT service operations

BOSTON – March 30, 2021 – Lakeside Software, the leader in digital experience management, announced their collaboration with Lenovo to launch Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus, its new enhanced version of its cloud-based Software-as-a-Service PC health management tool. The combination of Lakeside Software’s premier digital experience management (DEM) solution, the Digital Experience Cloud, and Lenovo’s advanced predictive analytics software, empowers administrators with a broader set of analytics and tools to drive actionable insights and proactively impact service operations.

“We’re thrilled about this collaboration and how the integration of Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud solution into the Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus tool enables Lenovo to extend its commitment and footprint in the DEM space,” said Dan Salinas, vice president of Business Development, Lakeside. “Lakeside’s cloud-first, multi-tenant approach is not only highly extensible, but it also keeps user data separate for enhanced privacy and security. Our proactive detection and automated remediation capabilities enable IT admins to identify and resolve issues before they impact productivity.”

Lenovo Device Intelligence, unveiled last September, assists enterprise-level IT administrators in the monitoring, diagnosing and remediation of PC issues as well as helping to predict potential system failures or performance issues before they occur. When developing Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus, Lenovo collaborated with Lakeside Software based on its unparalleled anonymous end-user big data collection capabilities, proactive engine, insights, and position as a recognized industry leader in the DEM market.

“Predictive analytics is known to reduce IT costs and device downtime in large organizations,” said Igor Bergman, vice president of Cloud and Software for PCs and Smart Devices, Lenovo. “We developed Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus specifically to address pains like these in the enterprise. Its high accuracy rate in predicting, for example, the most common blue screen failures before they happen and applications that cause performance degradation will save IT administrators valuable time in diagnosing and resolving these productivity killers. Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus also incorporates other robust capabilities such as PC fleet and device-level insights, analytics and proven issue remediations.”

The new Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus solution uses Lenovo’s signature AI-driven predictive analytics. It is enhanced through Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud, which is powered by its underlying SysTrack technology. The solution analyzes an organization’s PC health and maintenance data as well as a data lake of aggregated, anonymous system issues from millions of devices. These solutions uncover patterns, anomalies, and correlations to detect issues and yield robust insights for IT administrators. Lenovo’s new DEM solution now adds even more proactive device insights and increased functionality to drive better business outcomes.

Bergman from Lenovo continued, “We are collaborating with Lakeside Software to help us deliver these capabilities and to complement our core competency in the predictive analytics space. The pairing of both companies’ technologies delivers a powerful, rich feature set for customers wanting the power of advanced AI predictive analytics and proactive device insights to help keep fleets at optimal performance and employee uptime high. Ultimately, we think this will provide significant ROI for large organizations over time.”

By capturing and analyzing 10,000+ anonymous employee device data points every 15 seconds, SysTrack brings robust telemetry to the Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus platform. Lakeside’s model is lightweight and provides enhanced protection against data loss regardless of when employees work remotely or get disconnected from the internet.

“End-users’ expectations for usability are on the rise, and as IT professionals, we are tasked with meeting them to keep users happy and, most importantly, productive,” continued Salinas. “With proactive support, IT teams are able to answer the technology roadblocks of tomorrow, today. Given Lakeside’s strong monitoring and analytical capabilities, many of our customers rely on our solution for spotting and resolving IT mishaps before they happen.”

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