When it comes to top-notch legal, regulatory, and business information that advances the rule of law around the world, there’s no bigger name than LexisNexis.

Part of the multinational information and analytics company RELX, LexisNexis provides publishing, professional, and legal software that combines information and analytics with cutting-edge technology, including machine learning, natural language processing, visualization, and artificial intelligence. These powerful tools and solutions are widely used by law firms across the globe to help lawyers efficiently manage their work, better serve their clients, and win cases.

But fully utilizing these products depends on smooth digital experiences. And when technology issues occur, it can put a frustrating halt to customer productivity.

In early 2020, LexisNexis turned to Lakeside Software for a digital experience management (DEM) platform that would help improve customer experiences through experience level agreements (XLAs) and proactive IT support approach. Since then, the company has used Lakeside to expand visibility across the digital environment, transform IT operations, improve customers’ digital experiences, and acheive better business outcomes.

“It’s hard to believe that a year ago, some of the decisions we were making, we didn’t have the data to back it up,” said Greg Dolphin, Global IT Support Manager at LexisNexis, during a session at Lakeside’s DEXterity Virtual Conference 2021. “We’re now in a world where the data is driving the decisions we’re making and helping us make better strategic and tactical decisions throughout the organization.”

Here’s a closer look at LexisNexis’ journey.

Graphic showing Greg Dolphin's DEXterity 2021 session information available on demand.