Artificial intelligence is transforming IT operations.

By applying machine learning and analytics to big data, IT departments can automate their processes and improve service delivery. That's the key to building proactive operations and delivering better digital experience.

Key Components of AI for IT Operations

AIOps stands for artificial intelligence for IT operations. AIOps tools automate processes and tasks, such as application performance monitoring and root cause analysis. The goal is to improve IT service delivery via:

Scalable Data Aggregation

AIOps aggregates data from multiple sources and different collection methods, breaking down IT silos such as network infrastructure and application management.

Data Analysis

AIOps analyzes and contextualizes massive amounts of real time and historical data to deliver meaningful insights. As a result, it can:

  • Correlate events to find patterns
  • Detect anomalies
  • Monitor the availability and performance of apps
  • Identify root causes of problems more quickly
  • Predict future incidents

Automated Remediation

AIOps can also take actions based on data. It's possible to generate a recommendation, trigger an alert or automate a response. Automated resolution helps with service desk optimization because it minimizes the occurrence of common incidents requiring technicians' intervention.

Lakeside Prevent, part of the Digital Experience Cloud, is a powerful AI-driven application featuring sophisticated sensors that automate RCA to detect and prioritize issues, as well as enable mass-healing and preventative measures. Download this product brief to learn more.