Exactly one year ago, I was creating field support solutions for organizations across the globe and it troubled me to see so much money spent on inefficient dispatch visits (meaning visits on an hourly basis) for in-person support resolutions.

There had to be a better approach for both the customers and the field support organization.

These visits were often costly for a few reasons:

  • Frequently an onsite visit would only require 30-35 minutes of touch support from the field technicians, but the minimum amount to be paid would be an hour, which would cost clients about $90-$110 per hour.
  • The technician had to commute to the user location. And once COVID-19 protocols started, it became more difficult and costly as technicians would have to wear a PPE kit every time they did a field visit.
  • It would also often happen that a technician would visit a user at a location for an hour one day only to return the next day for another visit at the same location for some other user.

However, if the technician spent a full day (i.e., eight hours) onsite, the cost would be approximately $400-$450 — much less than the hourly rate.

Given these conditions, wouldn’t it be better if the technician could resolve all the issues at a single location on the same day?

This would potentially save a lot of cost to the customers and make the technician’s job much more efficient.