A proactive approach to IT can help organizations streamline processes and deliver a superior digital experience to employees. A good starting point is to make automated root cause analysis (RCA) a foundation of your strategy.

RCA is critical to find and resolve IT issues more quickly, improving the support desk efficiency and, as a result, reducing operational costs and increasing employee productivity. With automation, IT teams can even accelerate their root cause analysis process and remove manual effort.

What's Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

Root cause investigation is the process of discovering the source of technology-related issues to solve them. RCA uncovers the source of IT incidents rather than simply treating the symptoms. This approach enables your support desk team to prevent the same issue from happening again.

These are the basics steps in an incident-management workflow:

  • Continuously collect data to understand system performance and usage
  • Collect details to understand the problem and support the analysis
  • Determine the cause and the appropriate solution
  • Take corrective actions to fix the problem
  • Monitor the situation to ensure the solution was effective
  • Document the process, establishing preventive actions to avoid future occurrences of the same incident