With the help of technologies like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), SaaS apps, and VPNs, employees have managed to keep business moving while acclimating to remote work. But as the conversation shifts from business continuity to knock-on effects including productivity, what is the long-term impact of the at-home digital experience?

To see where organizations are headed, Lakeside Software recently conducted research into how digital experiences have changed over the past five years.

Specifically, we focused on:

  • Productivity (using SysTrack’s quantified end-user experience score)
  • Computer monitor setups
  • Applications (productivity, video conferencing, and browsers)
  • Differences between physical and VDI users

The data we used for our investigation came from SysTrack Community, a rich source of anonymized Lakeside customer data containing information from thousands of systems across industries.

In this post, I’ll cover some of the key findings that emerged from our research, but you can read our full analysis and access additional data by downloading the free white paper below.