Employees rely on technology for productivity more than ever, and their expectations for IT services are high. Lakeside’s Future of Digital Workplaces survey found that 92% of employees believe technology-related issues they’ve experienced can be avoided or prevented. At the same time, environments have become increasingly distributed with a diverse array of apps and devices that challenge IT’s ability to keep up with support tickets and troubleshooting.

Enter proactive IT. By adopting more proactive processes, IT teams can stop emerging issues from becoming widespread problems, deflect tickets, and prevent disruptive impacts for employees. But while more and more organizations have implemented tools like automation to rapidly resolve and get ahead of problems, the majority of incidents are still addressed reactively — or worse, never discovered at all, as up to 80% of issues go unreported while users suffer in silence.

To help address this challenge, we’re excited to announce the latest version of our platform, Digital Experience Cloud 10.0. This release offers new ways for IT to discover and resolve top problems proactively with a re-envisioned AIOps experience, as well as drag-and-drop dashboard building, new ways to use tools in Assist, and other usability enhancements.