Democratizing Proactive IT with Digital Experience Cloud 10.0 and Prevent

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Lakeside’s latest release helps the entire service desk organization transform from reactive to proactive with comprehensive, intuitive workflows across every link in the IT support chain

Employees rely on technology for productivity more than ever, and their expectations for IT services are high. Lakeside Software’s Future of Digital Workplaces survey found that 92% of employees believe technology-related issues they’ve experienced can be avoided or prevented. At the same time, environments have become increasingly distributed with a diverse array of apps and devices that challenge IT’s ability to keep up with support tickets and troubleshooting.

Enter proactive IT. By adopting more proactive processes, IT teams can stop emerging issues from becoming widespread problems, deflect tickets, and prevent disruptive impacts for employees. But while more and more organizations have implemented tools like automation to rapidly resolve and get ahead of problems, the majority of incidents are still addressed reactively — or worse, never discovered at all, as up to 80% of issues go unreported while users suffer in silence.

To help address this challenge, we’re excited to announce the latest version of our platform, Digital Experience Cloud 10.0. This release offers new ways for IT to discover and resolve top problems proactively with a re-envisioned AIOps experience, as well as drag-and-drop dashboard building, new ways to use tools in Assist, and other usability enhancements.


How to Shift from Reactive to Proactive IT

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Lakeside Prevent: Proactive Workflows for the Entire IT Support Chain

SysTrack AIOps is now Lakeside Prevent, a powerful application that intuitively enables the entire IT service desk chain to proactively improve digital employee experience. Lakeside’s Intelligent Edge captures the deepest telemetry in the industry while sophisticated sensors run over 1,300 real-time investigations on every system in the environment to automatically detect issues. Prevent takes these insights even further by prioritizing issues by severity and number of impacted systems, enabling IT to identify and proactively address critical issues.

Key Prevent Features

Discover top issues and prioritize your workflow

The new Daily Issues page in Prevent cuts through the noise by surfacing sensors detecting real-time issues and categorizing them based on impact so you know what problems to tackle first for maximum digital experience improvement.

Impact is measured on two dimensions:

1. Severity: On a scale from 0-10, how severe is the issue? Each sensor is assigned a severity score with higher scores indicating greater potential for digital experience or risk impacts.
2. System count: The number of devices experiencing the issue.

You can also customize the grid by searching for keywords such as “network” or “Citrix” to focus on top problems related to your responsibilities.

Daily Issues view of Lakeside's Proactive Services tool (formerly SysTrack AIOps and Lakeside Prevent).

Run tools to mass-heal and prevent problems

Prevent doesn’t just show you top problems — it also provides tools to act on those insights. One of most powerful tools is automation and Prevent comes with hundreds of pre-built scripts as well as the ability to add your own. This functionality allows you to mass-heal problems — in other words, click once to run a script on many systems at the same time.

Detailed view of the Daily Issues dashboard found in Lakeside's Proactive Services tool (formerly SysTrack AIOps and Lakeside Prevent).

Track the outcome of IT actions

Once you’ve discovered an incident and run an action, how do you know if it was successful? Prevent helps you track the impact of actions over the past seven or 30 days. See whether tool was executed, if it ran successfully, and if it had an impact on sensor volume over time.

Daily Issues page showing sensor history in Lakeside Prevent

Other 10.0 Release Features

Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Builder

The first step towards a radically simplified dashboarding experience, new block templates make it possible to build dashboards more quickly with a library of pre-built content.

Assist Enhancements

Assist is an all-in-one workspace for Level 1 service desk staff to quickly diagnose and resolve issues. It draws on the rich underlying analytics of the Digital Experience Cloud platform while only surfacing details relevant to L1 workflows so your L1 staff can see more, know more, and do more to improve digital employee experience. In 10.0, Assist has been enhanced with the ability to run engagements, stronger automation history, and usability improvements.

Automation History in Lakeside Assist

Action Builder (Tech Preview)

Action Builder enables customers to build and manage their own automations and collection extensions natively within the platform. Lakeside’s automation framework is designed for remediation at any time and scale, fully managed for secure governance, and underpinned by hundreds of sensors detecting priority issues.

Lakeside's Action Builder UI

Cloud User Personalization

Lakeside admins can now group users by job function including service desk, desktop engineering, IT operations, and IT leadership. These groupings present users with sets of applications and dashboards relevant to their role, making it easier to navigate the platform and quickly find relevant insights.

Lakeside's Digital Experience Cloud platform with tabs for different IT personas

Getting Started

Digital Experience Cloud 10.0 continues to advance usability and shorten time to value within the platform with workflows designed to accelerate IT support processes, deflect and prevent problems, and better understand IT’s impact on the business.

To start an upgrade or learn more about the new release, current customers can contact their customer success team or Lakeside support.


Proactive IT Without the Complexity

Request a customized demo of Digital Experience Cloud 10.0 to see how you can proactively resolve and prevent future problems.

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