There are a lot of acronyms floating around the average support desk, but one that really matters to both you and your end users is MTTR. However not everyone understands just what it means and, more importantly, how to keep it as small as possible.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is what the “R” in MTTR actually stands for. I’ve always thought it was “resolution,” but I’ve been told that it should actually be “repair.” Or “recovery.” Or “resolve.” Possibly “restoration.”

Regardless (See? I’m stuck on “R” words), what MTTR comes down to in practise is the length of time your end users spend twiddling their thumbs after logging an issue with your support team. So how can you keep that twiddling time to a minimum without having to massively expand your support offering? Especially now that the support team is further removed from end users who work remotely — a trend that’s likely to continue even post-pandemic?

Below are five tips to follow to make sure that the mean time to <insert word here> is as short as possible.